Auto Auctions Jacksonville, St. Augustine & Surrounding Areas

If you are in the market for a used car, ASAP Towing & Storage can help. Each month, we host six auctions at our locations around northeast Florida. Everyone is welcome to attend and bid on cars.

The vehicles in our auctions come from a variety of locations, including repossessed vehicles, police and private property impounds, dealerships, and abandoned and wrecked cars. We also auction and sell boats, trailers and trucks. We open our locations one hour before the start of the auction so that you can inspect the vehicles up for bid.

Rules & Payment

To ensure the best experience for everyone involved, ASAP Towing & Storage strictly enforces several rules at our Jacksonville and St. Augustine car auctions.

  • Bidding on all vehicles starts at $250
  • All payments, either cash or credit card, must be paid by 2:00 p.m. the same day as the sale or the sale is void
  • Buyers must be at least 18 years old and have a valid driver license with them at the time of purchase.

We thank you for your cooperation and look forward to seeing you at one of our used car auctions!

Auto Auctions FAQs

Q: Do auction cars come with titles?

A: Unless otherwise noted in the vehicle description you get ahead of time, all cars are sold with titles.

Q: Is it cash only?

A: No, ASAP Towing & Storage accepts credit cards as well for payment. For more information and our rules regarding payments, please see above.

Q: Do you make car keys?

A: Yes, ASAP Towing & Storage can make keys for your car if they are missing. For select models, an additional fee may occur.

Q: Can I sell my car at your auction?

A: Yes, more than likely. For more information on selling your car, call our office at 904-771-7111.