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Worst Times To Drive This Holiday Season

As the year ends, people often celebrate with long journeys across the country to connect with distant family and friends for a few joyous days. But, those journeys can be fraught with peril if you’re unprepared for the holiday travel season.

Remember, November and December have days like Thanksgiving and Christmas where nearly everyone travels on the road or by air to somewhere else to see someone they know. This is not just an ordinary day of travel.

Driving Around Thanksgiving

Research and experience from past years suggest that we like to procrastinate, which means the best time to drive around Thanksgiving is early or on the day itself.

The majority of Thanksgiving week traffic happens the Tuesday and Wednesday before the actual holiday. Due to work hours, family needs and sheer dislike of traffic jams, the majority of Americans wait to travel at the very last minute before the holiday.

Past years have also shown that the most traveled holiday period of the year is Thanksgiving weekend, so avoid driving home right away.

To beat the heavy flow of traffic around Thanksgiving, travel early and stay at your destination long. If that’s not an option, driving on Thanksgiving Day is your best plan. The morning and afternoon are often quiet while traffic begins to pick up again in the evening.

Driving Around Christmas And New Years

Christmas and New Years are historically some of the worst times to drive. While both are heavy periods of travel in the sky and on the road, these two holidays are also a heavy period of alcohol-related crashes.

If you are going to drive, stick to an early schedule. As the days go on, so do the amount of fatal crashes. Avoid the “eves”—Christmas Eve and New Year’s Eve. Both of these two nights see heavy crashes across the nation due to inattentive drivers.

If the unfortunate does happen and you end up stuck on the highway with us here in northeast Florida, give ASAP Towing a call. We know accidents don’t take a day off, and neither do we. We’ll be here 24 hours helping those in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, Florida.

ASAP wants you to be safe during the holidays

Be safe. Be happy and have a good time. If you have any trouble don’t hesitate to call the best towing company in North Florida.

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