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What Makes a Used Car Sell? Part 2

In another article about used car sales, we talked about how you can help increase the value on your car when you’re trading it in or selling it directly to a buyer. When it comes down to calculating the price for your car, there are a few distinct areas that someone is always going to look at to determine its value. While you can’t do much about how old your car is, you can make some minor repairs to breathe a little life and a lot of value back into it before trying to sell.

If you didn’t see our first article increasing car value, make sure to check it out. In it, we discussed how replacing lights, windows and tires can be cheaper to fix now than what it’ll take off the asking price for your car when you try to sell.

Let’s take a look at a few other actions you can take to get more money for your used or new car.

  1. Brakes: Before anyone is going to offer you a price for your car, they’re going to take it for a test drive. That test drive is where your brakes can either make or break your sale. The problem with used brakes is they’re so telling—I mean they whine, buzz, vibrate, shake, take too long to work and can reveal a lot about the condition of your car if they’re in bad shape. (Which, by the way, if any of those things are going on with your car, please get them checked out soon. Safety first!) Spending money now on your brakes before you have buyers test drive your car can save you from having to discount the asking price. Anyone who drives your car will clearly notice the newer, more responsive brakes and put that down as a plus. Especially with parents of teenagers being a huge market for used cars, anything that increases safety will net you a larger price for your car.
  2. Scratches and Dents: While they may not be stopping your engine from running, scratches and dents can stop your car from selling. They’re visual sores that will negatively impact the way people look at your car. When people spend a few thousand dollars on something, they want it to be in good condition, and it’s very easy to find a car without scratches and dents rather than settle for one with those imperfections.
  3. A scratch and dent removal expert is extremely affordable when you think about how much more you’ll earn on your car when you sell it. Spend $100 now to save $500 when you find someone willing to buy. The only exceptin might be trading it into a dealer. Since dealers can fix body work themselves at a low rate, you’re probably better letting them worry about fixing it up.

Taking care of these small items can earn you big money for your used car when it’s time to sell. If you’re ready to sell or want an estimate for your car, call ASAP Towing. We buy any car in any condition!

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