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What Happens When You Run Out of Gas?

Most anyone reading this will have seen their vehicle’s gas light, the light that comes on next to your fuel gauge when you’re running low, but have you actually ever run out of gas to the point where your car would not start?

While it’s not a disastrous situation, it is certainly an annoyance that literally stops you in your tracks. Unless you take advantage of a roadside fuel delivery program, it means you’re walking to the nearest gas station to find some fuel.

Damage To The Car

Completely running out of gas doesn’t cause any lasting problems for a vehicle, but it’s certainly not healthy for it. Exactly what happens to your car depends on what you drive.

Running out of gas with a diesel engine means you have to remove air which has been inadvertently pumped into the engine; on a gasoline-powered car, simply adding more gas normally gets the vehicle moving again.

Diesel engines have their fuel delivered by an injection pump, which pressurize the fuel and send it to the engine. When your tank goes dry, these pumps become full of air which makes it incredibly difficult for the system to pump the right amount of fuel accurately into the engine. First you have to remove the air from your system so that it has pure fuel in its veins, a process known as bleeding air.

Really, when you run out of gas the problems to your car are just time consuming. Air in your gas line may not cause you a $500 bill at the mechanic, but it will cost you the rest of your day. Even if you just have to walk down the road to get more gas, it’s going to rob you of a good attitude.

Always Gas Up

You wouldn’t go a week without eating, so don’t let your car go a week without filling up the tank. You never know when you’ll find yourself on a surprise journey that takes you away from gas stations. The general rule of thumb is to keep your tank always above one-fourth tank.

If you do find yourself stuck, there are a lot of fuel delivery options when you are out of gas on the side of the road. Triple A, for example, will bring you a small supply of gasoline to enable you to reach the nearest service station. At the most, they charge you the normal pump-price of gasoline at the time—not a bad deal at all.

For something more local to Jacksonville and north Florida, ASAP Towing offers roadside gas delivery to help anyone out that’s in need. If you find yourself running on empty, give us a call today!

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