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What Happens to Junk Cars?

One of the many services ASAP Towing provides is hauling off old junk cars. While some of those junkers get refurbished and sold as used cars, what happens to the rest? What happens to the rusted piles of scrap that no one wants?

Reborn Anew: Junk Cars Recycled

There’s a great recycling process for cars that are commonly referred to as end-of-life cars. Not only are parts salvaged for other cars, the leftover metal is recycled into product we use each and every day.

Special automotive dismantling facilities are the first stop for dead cars. There, the junk cars are picked through for parts that can be cleaned up and used in other cars. These parts are often referred to as re-manufactured or recycled parts.

These dismantling facilities also dispose of an engine’s unusable parts. Liquids in the engine, such as coolant and oil, cannot be resold or recycled, so while the car is being picked clean they drain the engine of these fluids and safely dispose of them.

Nonmetal items are also removed and recycled. Perhaps the best example of these kinds of parts are tires. The rubber from tires has many purposes, including rubber flooring for playgrounds and sports stadiums, shoes, roof shingles, floor mats, belts and many other products.

Lastly, at dismantling facilities the cars are crushed and flattened to transport to a car shredder. You might have seen a semi-truck rolling down the highway with a bed full of crushed cars cruising to the car’s final destination.

Car Shredders

Scrap metal is always in high demand, and recycled cars are a great source of that scrap. The massive machines that turn cars into metal shards are called car shredders.

Crushed cars are slowly fed into the machine where a series of tubes sort the metal into different piles. Mostly powered by a high voltage electric motor, a series of spinning hammers slams into the car to tear it apart. As the pieces of the car fall apart, they fall into the appropriate tubes underneath the shredder based on size, weight and other factors. The largest of these car shredders in the world eats 450 cars an hour.

From here, the scrap is checked, sorted and shipped across the world to be recycled into numerous products.

If you know of a car that’s obviously ready to be recycled, give ASAP Towing a call so we can remove the junk cars near you and get them started on their end-of-life process.

We Buy Junk Cars

If you need junk car removal of your old car, call ASAP Towing.

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