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True or False: Car Auction Tips

When you’re trying to purchase a used car, a car auction can be a great way to find a deal that you just can’t find at a dealership or used-car lot. Unfortunately, a lot of people don’t know about car auctions. Perhaps more importantly, people that do know about car auctions don’t have the best information about them.

We’re here to settle the score and set some facts straight. If you’ve ever wanted to know more about car auctions, keep reading.

False: There are only junkers at car auctions.

Truth: While there might be an occasional fixer-upper on sale at an auction, most cars on show are quality vehicles backed with service histories detailing every bit of work they’ve had. Having a mechanic friend join you to check out cars is always a smart idea, but most cars at an auction you can drive off the lot.

The quality of cars can depend on who is hosting the auction. A city auction might be selling former police vehicles, for instance, which are regularly maintained and fixed for their high performance job duties. Those make great civilian cars for a tight budget after they’ve been retired. Also at police auctions, they sell confiscated cars from criminals and impounded vehicles that are never claimed. These cars might be a little bit more of a gamble quality-wise, but you can often find very high-end cars at low, low prices this way.

False: You have to be a car dealer to attend car auctions.

Truth: Car auctions occur all the time in your city, and their location is not kept secret. The people hosting the auctions want more bidders, so they’d love for you to join them! Towing companies and local newspapers can point you in the right direction for general auctions, while your local city council or chamber of commerce can point you towards county auctions. Police departments will also inform you when they’re hosting their next auction.

False: You don’t have to pay for the car you bid on if you change your mind.

Truth: Bidding on cars at auction is fun, easy and an adrenaline rush; it’s easy to get caught-up in the excitement and bid, bid, bid! Bidding is not to be taken lightly, though, as it is considered a legally binding contract. If you are the highest bidder on a car at auction, you are expected to pay for what you bought, sometimes in full. Never bid on something you’re not prepared to buy.

When it comes to buying, also be aware of accepted payment methods. Some auctions do only accept cash. Do your research ahead of time to prevent yourself ending up in an embarrassing situation.

Car auctions are a great way to buy a car that not many people take advantage of. With these truths cleared up, find an auction in your city and get buying! Make sure to check back with ASAP Towing to find out when our next car auction is.

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