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Tow Straps: An Amateur’s Best Friend for Towing

If you find yourself in need of a tow, odds are you’re going to be stuck there for some time. Until teleporters are invented, it just takes time for a tow truck driver to get to your car and save the day.

Fortunately, there’s a tool that can be easily kept in your emergency roadside assistance kit to help in this situation. (You do have one of those, don’t you?) It requires as much knowledge and expertise to use as a pair of jumper cables, but this nifty device can get you out of a ditch or sand instead: a tow strap.

A tow strap (or cable) is a thick, strong nylon strap with a hook at each end designed for quick, easy tows. These are not to be used at highway speeds or serious accidents could occur. Think of this as a band aid for your little towing problems; if it’s a serious problem, you probably need to call a towing company to get stiches.

First Step: Hook The Cars

Unlike the maneuvers you can pull with a towing winch, you’ll need a second car to help you. Much like jumper cables, one end of the tow strap will be connected to each car. Those hooks at either end connect to the mounting point of the car, generally found on the chassis at the front or rear. If your vehicle has a trailer hitch, there are most likely steel loops for a hook there as well. Your owner’s manual should have more information on where these points are and how to connect to them.

Second Step: Start Towing

Not too many steps here. Once you hook up the car, you’re ready to gently tug it out of wherever it’s stuck. Emphasis on gently.

Tips On Towing

While a tow strap is easy to use, there are some tips on using one correctly. The tow vehicle needs to slowly creep forward to first remove the slack for the tow strap. You might have to have one person hold the strap while the car inches forward to ensure the hooks stay put as the strap tightens.

Once the strap is tight, you can begin to put a little more power into it to move the stuck vehicle. Nothing slow and jerky, but slow increases of power will move the vehicle just fine. Be mindful of the speed and how close to becoming unstuck the other car is. If the car suddenly comes unstuck with enough momentum from the tow, it might slam into the tow vehicle.

A tow strap can be a great tool to keep in your car, but sometimes it is still best to call a professional when it comes to moving a car. ASAP Towing can tell you whether or not it’s a job you can do on your own, so give us a call to discuss your towing needs today.

Leave the Towing to the Professionals

Put the tow straps away while we tow your vehicle away safely.