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Tips for Trips: Take Care of Your Car During Holiday Travels

It’s about that time of the year again. Yes, we’re talking about the holidays, but let’s focus on how they affect your car.

Thanksgiving and Christmas season mean long car trips for lots of people, and those miles quickly add up to unexpected wear and tear on your car. If you live in northeast Florida and go to visit family members in southwest Florida, that’s an extra 500 miles on your car, and you’re doing it twice or even three times from November through January. That’s 1,500 extra miles on your car!

Is your vehicle ready for those long miles? Though ASAP Towing is a 24-hour towing service in Jacksonville and St. Augustine, that doesn’t mean we want to get those midnight calls from you when you break down on Christmas Eve!

Here’s a quick checklist of things you can do to make sure you’re ready for any holiday car trips:


If you’re driving somewhere cold, you don’t have the luxury of Florida keeping your fuel warm anymore. Cold fuel makes an engine hard to start, and if it gets cold enough you’ll have frozen fuel in your lines. Yikes!

Pick up some fuel deicer and keep it in your car if you’re planning on visiting the frozen north this winter. Just remember, use it preventively. It won’t do much if your fuel is already frozen, but it will keep you from ever having it freeze in the first place.

Windshield Wipers

You’re probably expecting something like snow tires to be on this list, but surprise! Windshield wipers are more needed in day-to-day driving anyway.

Having a fresh pair of wipers, especially rubber-clad or winter wiper blades if you’ll be in a cold environment, can keep your eyes on the road where they’re supposed to be.

If you can’t remember the last time you replaced your wipers, now is the time. When you can see in the middle of a rain or snow storm while driving home, you’ll be thankful you did.


Cold winters come with long, dark nights, and you can prepare for both by making sure the lights on your car are working properly.

Not only are lights required to have by law on the road, but imagine if you do break down on the road. You want your hazard lights in working condition to notify other drivers you’re stopped and need a hand!

Make sure you’re prepared for holiday travel plans before setting off. Your car might be able to work fine in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, but when you start traveling for the holidays you don’t know how your car will react!

ASAP wants you to be safe during the holidays

Be safe. Be happy and have a good time. If you have any trouble don’t hesitate to call the best towing company in North Florida.

Email ASAP Towing Or call us at (904) 771-0790