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Tips for Buying a Car at an Auction Part 1

The car market is huge these days, as most families are currently using two or three cars at a time. That means car manufactures are producing more cars than ever, and at the same time, there is also a vast market for used cars, too.

One way car owners quickly get rid of their stockpile of cars is an auction. A car auction is a great platform to sell cars en masse. These auctions do have some limitations not experienced at a typical car dealership, such as you are not allowed to test drive a car which is on sale at an auction.

Before you get started with buying the car, there a few different types of auctions:

Government Car Auctions

Government auctions sell cars such old police cruisers and school buses. These government vehicles are great buys because you know exactly what you’re getting.

All government vehicles are maintained extremely well, and, even better for a prospective buyer, their repairs are well documented. The real gamble in a government car is the mileage and the fact that you still don’t get to test drive them. There’s always a chance they have fixed something.

These auctions have also become very widespread and well known which has consequently increased competition for bidders. Old police cruisers have always been great buys, but now people know it and take advantage of the market. You also have a lot of corporate competition. Taxi companies often buy up old police cruisers for vehicle quality and similar looks. Old buses are bought up and re-purposed for public transportation overseas.

Public Car Auctions

Unfortunately, the amount of scams to look out for at an auto auction have increased drastically over the years. There are many signs and notifications to look out for. For instance, many cars have their odometer rolled back from 300,000 miles to 120,000. These cars can be sold as “Miles Exempt,” which means no guarantee of mileage.

There are some  gems in the many junkers. Some are cars that were quickly reconditioned in dealership shops when there wasn’t much other work to do, while others were towed and never claimed. Again, most cars end up being junk and lies. Having knowledge about cars would be beneficial to you at an auction, but better yet, an experienced mechanic with a sharp eye is what would suit you best.

Stay tuned for the next article where we get down to evaluating the cars and making your bid.

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