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Tips on How to Avoid Being Towed


There is nothing more frightening than not finding your car where you left it.

You know where you parked your car before entering the shop. After 20 minutes or so of shopping inside, waiting in line and paying for your purchase, you’re ready to leave. You walk out of the store to the exact spot you left it, but your car is no longer there.

Was it stolen? Towed without your notification? Something worse? All these thoughts are racing through your head, meanwhile you’re stuck without a car and an inkling of what to do.

We’re providing you some tips to avoid being towed so if you ever find yourself in this situation, you can cross being towed off your list:

Avoid Parking in Common Tow Spots

In any parking lot or near any structure, there are some common spots you can assume where parking is not allowed. Ideally, these zones are clearly labelled with a “No Parking” sign, but sometimes you must rely on common sense.

Here are a few hot-spots to look out for

  • Driveways
  • Curb Ramps
  • Intersections

If you are close to any of these hotspots, or if you are not sure if you are, then it’s better to be safe than sorry. Walking the extra distance to get a parking spot a few feet away sure beats paying the fine or getting your car towed

If you can’t find a sign, avoid any zones with paint. Blue zones and red zones are marked for special parking only. Yellow curbs often signify not to park there as well for various reasons, such as a fire-zone for police and firefighters. Loading zones and areas near a gate or doorway are also bad spots to leave your vehicle.

Avoid parking in high-traffic areas during commute hours

The morning and evening hours around the typical 9-5 work day are prone to high traffic and increased regulation by police. During these times, the chances of being tower greatly increase as well. During these specific hours, some cities go so far as to forbid parking on specific streets prone to high traffic. These times are posted on signs on their specific streets and you should always keep an eye out for them. You can always contact your local municipality on their regulations regarding these time-dependent parking codes.

Pay outstanding parking tickets

Follow the previous advice so you don’t get parking tickets in the first place! However, if you do receive parking tickets for an offense, make sure to pay it off as soon as possible.

Though the laws change from city to city, the most common practice is to tow cars that are have outstanding parking tickets, even if they are legally parked.

Outstanding parking tickets are the easiest way to get your car towed. However, they are also the most preventable way to get your car towed. Pay your tickets on time to greatly reduce the chances of your car being towed.

Following this advice, you can easily prevent your car from being towed. Now, if you can’t find your car where you left it, you only have to worry that it was stolen, not towed! What a relief!

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