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There’s More Than One Way to Tow a Motorcycle

Motorcycle drivers are a special breed of person. There is a brotherhood among motorcycle drivers, and they’ll be quick to tell you that it doesn’t extend to average car drivers.

It’s not just motorcycle drivers that are one-of-a-kind, but their vehicle needs are a lot different and unique, too. Motorcycle insurance, for example, is different than regular motorcycle insurance; motorcycle towing, for another example, is an entirely different process than towing a regular car.

You couldn’t just winch a motorcycle onto a flatbed truck to tow them like you do most vehicles. With only two wheels, motorcycles do not have the stability standing still to allow this transportation the way regular vehicles do. So how do you tow a motorcycle?

There are a few ways you can move a motorcycle:

  1. Flatbed trailers
  2. Towing cradles
  3. Two-wheel towing

Flatbed Trailers for Motorcycle Towing

Flatbed trailers are probably the most classic towing method, and the first one most people would think to use. It’s a classic method because it works. The simple design of a flat-top on a solid frame with four wheels means there isn’t a lot to go wrong. Flatbed trailers also come in lots of various sizes so there is a perfect fit out there for whatever you’re trying to move.

Motorcycles require a special kind of flatbed trailers to compensate for their instability. Their two wheels mean the fear you have of watching your precious bike fall over after a speed bump is completely justified. There are some special locks that bolster your motorcycle so it stays upright, and they are essential if you plan on using a flatbed trailer to tow your motorcycle.

Towing Cradles

Towing cradles, also known as a motorcycle trailer hitch, is a simple device that fits onto a car which provides a place to hold the front wheel of a motorcycle; the rear wheel of the motorcycle stays on the ground and rolls freely along as the bike is towed.

This little towing cradle has the benefits of being compact, cheap, and relatively secure. Most are small enough to tuck away in the corner of your garage instead of taking up your driveway like a flatbed will. The down side to devices like these is that your motorcycle is still in contact with the road so your tire will experience normal wear and tear when you’re moving it.

Two-wheel Towing

Two-wheel towing devices fall in the middle of the cradle and a full-flatbed. These are perfect if all you’ll ever tow is a bike.

They consist of two wheels on an axle supported by a frame with a ramp for easy loading. Your bike simple rolls up the ramp and is secured into place with straps and locks that let it ride at an angle on the ramp. The two-wheel towing method uses the same dependable parts and physics of the flatbed towing device just at half the size. Some models even fold up for more convenient storage.

Motorcycle Towing

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