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A World Without Towing: How To Push A Car

As hard as it is for me to imagine such a thing, let’s examine a world where commercial and residential towing services in northeast Florida didn’t exist. Heck, even the whole world! Would you know how to push a car

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Important Towing Laws For Jacksonville, Part 3

Getting out of a parking ticket in Jacksonville, FL can be tough but doable if you know the law! Join us in the final installment of our series on important towing laws for Duval County to make sure you know

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Important Towing Laws For Jacksonville, Part 2

If you’re just joining us, we’re taking a look at the law of the land when it comes to towing illegally parked vehicles in Jacksonville, Florida. Catch up with part one of the series here. If you’re outside of Jacksonville,

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Important Towing Laws For Jacksonville, Part 1

Towing a car, as you can imagine, is a heavily documented process. Someone cannot simply show up and move your several-thousand dollar car without following a precise set of rules. While many of those rules and laws are written in

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How Not To Tow A Motorcycle

I found these pictures online of a motorcycle being towed and instantly cringed. Can you see what’s wrong? If you said something about the tow straps, you’re right! Take a look at those pictures and you’ll see an excellent example

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What Happens To Impounded Cars In Florida?

Can’t find your car? It’s everyone’s worst fear. You park your car to go shopping or maybe on the street outside of your friend’s house for the night and come back to find it missing. Where has it gone? It’s

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What Types of Vehicles Need Specialty Towing?

If you’re trying to move an unusual vehicle, a specialty tow might be just the thing you need. While 99% of jobs we have are normal move-car-from-place-to-place jobs, every once in a while we get a more unusual assignment. Vehicles

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How Else to Get Free/Cheap Roadside Assistance

In a previous article, we discussed the Florida Road Rangers—a free service provided by the Florida Department of Transportation that responds to accidents along Florida highways. It’s a wonderful, helpful service provided at no cost to every motorist, but there’s

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How to Recover an Impounded Car

Walking out to where you remember leaving your car but not finding it is one of the worst feelings in the world. If your car has been towed, it’s easy to feel lost and like you don’t know where to

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How Can We Can We Improve Your Towing Experience?

This week’s article is a little different. We’re going to discuss what works and what doesn’t, but more importantly we’re going to discuss how we can make it better. Is it That Bad To Begin With? Towing, as an experience,

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