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What To Do If Someone Parked in My Parking Spot

Parking problems are a real concern in the city. In a popular enough part of town, people already have to walk a few blocks to a parking garage close to their home; there just simply isn’t enough room! It’s even more infuriating when you go to park in your spot and fine another car taking your place. What do you do?

While our example is a residential problem, this is also a business concern. Maybe you have a private spot in your office or you’re a small business with designated spots for your customers; when someone parks in a spot you’ve reserved, you need to do something about it.

The Aggressive Approach

Calling a towing company is a sure-proof method to get rid of a car, and most parking lots make this easy to do. There should be easy-to-spot signs all around the parking area with towing information for a company in charge of that lot. If you can’t find one, calling any towing company and asking them if they know who is in charge of the lot will get you the information they need.

The person will definitely have to pay a fine to reclaim their vehicle from the lot or impound, so this is a pretty extreme measure to exercise. This particular form of justice might be best served for repeat offenders. While you’re well within your right to do so, there is a friendlier approach.

The Friendlier Approach

If there is a private parking lot, there is a person that oversees it. If it’s your office lot, ask around for a supervisor for assistance. If it’s a parking garage, there’s most likely an attendant on site during normal business hours, or heavy parking times. Anyone with authority should have a plan on how to deal with a parking infringement.

Whether it’s a verbal warning, a boot (a tire-lock device which prevents vehicle movement), or a sticker on the windshield, that parking supervisor will communicate to the offender that they are not allowed to park there without charging them heavy fees. (Though they might decide to just tow the car. At least you tried!)

The good news is that either course of action will accomplish the goal of getting your parking spot back. We’re no stranger to parking infringements in north Florida, with heavily populated cities like Jacksonville and St. Augustine. Small cities with even smaller roads mixed with heavy tourism and population density means a lot of scare parking.

If you find someone in your parking spot, give ASAP Towing a call so that we can help you get it back.

ASAP Towing can help if someone is in your parking spot

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