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Safety Guidelines for Towing Your Car


The inevitable has finally happened to your car and you’re in need of a tow truck company in Florida. Maybe your tire has popped while driving down the road, or the rain has caused you to slip and slide into a ditch, but the answer is the same: you need a helping hand to get your car where it needs to go. If it’s not your car, maybe you’re just hooking up a trailer to move big items. ASAP Towing is a reliable tow truck company in Jacksonville when it comes to safety.

A tow can be a dangerous thing. Anytime you’re dealing with heavy machinery equipped with heavy chains under constant pressure, there are risks involved. The driver from ASAP Towing assisting you will be trained to operate his vehicle, but you should understand the basic safety essentials so you can protect your property and, more importantly, yourself.

Never Exceed Towing Capacity!

As aforementioned, this is heavy machinery with chains and ropes under constant torque and pressure as they tie down your vehicle and hold it in place while the tow-truck does its job. One of the most dangerous things that can happen is having one of those chains or ropes snapping and sending a wild cable lashing out to wound anything in its path.

One of the easiest ways to send a cable flying is by exceeding the weight which they can handle. These chains and stress-tested for the extreme weight of vehicles, but they can become weak and frail with extended use. ASAP towing will make sure the towing chains are fresh and secured tightly with backups in place.

Synchronize Your Lights and Signals!

One of the most dangerous things about towing is the obstruction of the towing vehicle’s lights. As anyone on the road knows, your lights and signals are the only way to really communicate with other drivers on the road. This communication is essential to safety and order on the road as cars weave in and out of traffic.

One of the biggest rookie mistakes made is not hooking up the lights and signals so that you can still let other drivers see your equipment. The wiring harness always needs be hooked up and in working condition. Learning which wires go where to ensure your lights work is crucial to safely towing anything, from cars to trailers.

You should always take a moment once everything is hooked up to check that the lights are working before you get on the road. Have one person sit in the vehicle and activate the different lights and signals with another person behind the vehicle watching to make sure they all activate properly. This could save you a ticket from the police and give people on the road the information they need to safely interact with your vehicle on the road.

Although ASAP Towing follows all safety guidelines, these tips will be helpful for you to know as well. There are definitely more you can do to keep safe on the road, but maybe we’ll cover those at a later time. Always be sure to drive under the recommended limit as it takes heavy vehicles more time to stop.

Let ASAP Towing Help You

Let ASAP Towing’s towing safety experts handle your towing needs in Jacksonville or St Augusine.

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