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RV Towing Regulations: What You Need to Know

So you finally bought an RV and have a roadmap planned out. You and yours are going to take a month or three to tour the nation’s most notable landmarks by cruising down the highway; is there a more iconic American image?

Well, before you set out, there’s a few things you need to know. For instance, normal RV road-goers often times tow a small car; the idea being you set up camp in the RV at your destination and use the small car to travel around town. Despite being a common RV practice, most RV insurance policies do not cover anything towed behind your RV.

Perhaps more annoyingly, states can limit the maximum allowable weight for what you’re towing—cars, bikes, trailers or anything. To compound the confusing problem, states differ on what that maximum towing weight can be. You might be legally fine in one state but find yourself facing a hefty fine once you cross the border to its neighbor.

Learn the RV Towing Regulations for your State

That doesn’t mean the state in which you currently live. Any state you plan to drive through on your big tour across the country needs to be researched to ensure you meet its laws. Of course, you can always pray for the mercy of a kind state trooper to let you off the hook, but don’t count on that. Knowing the laws across the route is the only way to ensure you’ll have a hassle-free journey.

On most major highways you can find public scales to weigh your RV and tow set-up. While some are run by the state and are a free service, many more are privatized and might have a fee. The price is worth knowing you’re in compliance with the law if trouble arises.

Have an Emergency Plan

A broken RV on the side of the road is a problem most roadside assistance companies are not equipped to handle, at least not 24/7. When your RV breaks down, you don’t want to have to sleep on the side of the road as you’re forced to wait for the RV towing company to become available.

Lining up an emergency plan for your RV if sometimes goes wrong across your route is a smart idea to smooth over and road bumps you might have. Research and find some RV towing companies equipped to handle your rig if something goes wrong so you’re not clueless when you break down. If you use AAA, make sure you’re covered for RV work. If you’re not, find some professionals and have their numbers ready to go.

If you find yourself in Jacksonville, FL, make sure to call ASAP Towing so that we can help with whatever problem your RV might have.

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