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Roadside Safety Guidelines If You Break Down

When you’re caught on a busy road with a flat tire or dying engine, there’s a lot of things that can go wrong. That’s why this week we’re discussing roadside tips to keep you safe until the tow truck arrives.

Parking Your Car

Your first response should be to find a safe place to park your car. If you’re on the highway, this means the shoulder. (Try to make it to the right-side shoulder so you have an easier time merging back into traffic.) If you’re driving in a more residential neighborhood, you’re more likely going to end up coasting to a parking lot.

If you end up with a dead car in the middle of the road, don’t try to get out. Most likely traffic is going to pile up behind you as cars try to pass you. Wait until the traffic disappears to leave your vehicle.

Don’t Stand Next To Traffic

If your car ends up on the side of the road and you’re outside the vehicle examining or repairing it, never stand on the side close to traffic. Even if you think you have enough space between your car and the closest lane, drivers not paying attention could end up hitting you.

If you need to get on that dangerous side of your car to repair it, wait for a tow truck to move it to a safer location or try to move it farther away from the road. You can drive slowly on a flat tire to move your car farther away, or you can put the car in neutral and push it if the engine won’t start.

Alert Other Drivers

Letting other drivers know that your car isn’t working is a great way to make sure they safely move around you and your vehicle. A proper roadside assistance kit should have some means of communicating a broken vehicle.

Flags, flares and reflective triangles can mark your location in the event of an emergency and signal other drivers that you’re in need of help. Your vehicle’s hazard lights also help communicate your problem. This also lets tow trucks find you easier and alerts patrolling service vehicles that you’re in need of help.

The most important tool in your roadside emergency kit should be a charged cellphone so you can call for help. Make sure to keep ASAP Towing in your phone’s emergency contacts for when you need it: 904-771-0790

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