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Road Etiquette Around Tow Trucks

Hopefully you are aware of Florida’s Move Over Law, which stipulates that you must slow down to 20 mph under the posted speed limit when passing an emergency vehicle, or, if it’s possible, move to a separate lane as to not come close to the vehicle.

This law was enacted for the many highway patrolmen and police who have been killed on the road by careless passing drivers. Did you know, however, that it extends to all service vehicles, such as tow trucks?

The penalty for violating this law can be a costly fine and points on your license, but still there are those on the road that do not obey the law. It is not always easy to enforce, but it is always the right thing to do.

Giving room to vehicles stopped on the shoulders of the road is always wise, especially giant trucks such as towing vehicles. Not only will an accident with such a vehicle be deadly to those on the road, but it will be deadly to you, the driver.

Here are a few tips on how to drive around roadside emergency vehicles:

Slow Down

Not only is it the law in Jacksonville Florida and many other cities and states, it’s a common courtesy. We know that Starbucks is about to close and you need to get there ASAP. Even if you’re content to simply fly by, more often than not the car in front of you is slowing down, so you’re forced to slow down as to not rear-end them.

It is said that after one crash, there is always another crash caused by someone looking at the first crash and not paying enough attention to the road. Slowing down when you see an initial crash helps prevent this second accident for both yourself and other drivers.

 Move Over

Again, it’s the law! If the road you’re on is two or more lanes wide, you are required to move over when it is safe and possible. Traffic does not always permit you to do so in time, but you should do your best to move over when you can.

Giving a parked vehicle a wide-berth when passing is always a good idea. Your car speeding past people on the side of the road can cause them to fall and hurt themselves, or if they’re accidently in the road, you could hit them. Clipping the vehicle will cause serious harm to you and those on the side of the road, as well as involving other vehicles on the road to pileup. The bad possibilities are endless, so play it safe and always move over.

Pay Attention

Simply put, use your head and keep your eyes on the road. Play it smart, take it slow and use caution when approaching a stopped vehicle on the road. By doing so, you’re greatly reducing the risk that could occur to both yourself and others on the road.

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