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Questions You Should Ask Before Every Tow

Like so many of our scenarios, this one starts with you needing a tow. You know you need to call someone, but you’re in an unfamiliar area. How do you decide who to call?

Customer reviews provide excellent insight into a company, and ASAP Towing is one of the top rated towing companies in Jacksonville, but they can’t tell you everything you need to know to determine if you should give someone your business.

To more thoroughly investigate a questionable towing company, there revealing questions you should always ask. Let’s cover a few of those now:

How much is a basic tow, and are there any additional costs I’ll face?

Be efficient in your task to find the best company by weeding out the prospects with this direct question. Not only will you find out your costs, but you’ll determine their character while you’re at it.

Most tows commonly consist of a hook-up fee and travel fee based on the distance you’re being carried. If you ask the above question and find there are more fees than that, you’re most likely dealing with a bad company. If they explain the extra fees and you still have a gut feeling they’re not necessary, trust your instinct and walk away.

If the company has difficult telling you about their fees or can’t give you a rough idea of the costs you’ll face, you’re most likely talking to a bad company, too. How they answer the question can be more important than the question itself.

Where are you towing my car?

You won’t believe how many people are willing to sign away their car without knowing exactly where it’s going. Don’t be one of them by asking this question.

A good company will answer your question with another question: where would you like it to go? Tow companies should be able to take you where you want within their city limits. If you’re in an unfamiliar area and don’t know a good mechanic, they should also have a recommendation.

Do you work with my insurance?

Some automobile insurance includes tow service for emergencies. Prevent yourself from wasting money by only working with approved companies.

Major nationwide insurance companies should be accepted in any town you’re in, so if you have one ask around for a company that takes it. Reversely, call your insurance company first (this also applies to roadside assistance, like AAA) and ask them for a local company they recommend. Within minutes you’ll have a list of approved companies.

When determining a good, reputable towing company, trust your gut and ask the right question to get answers you need to make a decision. If you’re in need of one in northeast Florida, call ASAP Towing today so we can answer your questions and get you the help you need.

ASAP Towing has all the Answers

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