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Private Property Towing Services

To the majority of the public, tow trucks and the men that operate them are seen as the enemy. After a long day at the office or a quick-trip inside a store, the last thing you want to come out and find is your car chained to a tow truck, ready to be hauled away.

On the other side of that scenario is the person that called the tow truck to take your car away. Whether they are a business owner trying to clear illegally parked cars or a property manager enforcing code, there is a need for private towing services.

Why would I need to call a tow truck?

The vast majority of tow truck services in the private sector are related to parking, unsurprisingly. Just take a look at your local store’s parking lot to see how many rules there are to break resulting in your car being towed:

  • Parking in the fire lane
  • Enforcing handicap parking privileges
  • Complying with code enforcement
  • Removing improperly parked or abandoned cars

While parking your car might seem like the simplest part of driving, it’s a minefield for property owners. Keeping their parking lots functioning properly keeps customers coming to the store, so having a towing company on-call with fast response times can make or break a business.

What should I look for in a private towing company?

To determine what qualities you need in a towing company, evaluate your needs and make a list of what is most important to you. Near the top of that list should be fast response time, though. What good is a towing company if they can’t get rid of the car when you need it gone? They should work on your schedule, not you on theirs.

The cost of your partnership should be little-to-none, too. Since towing service costs are paid by the vehicle owners and drivers who are at fault, you should not have to pay the towing company. Exceptions to this rule might be abandoned cars with no one to take the bill and long-distance tows, so make sure to check with a towing company about any hidden fees they might have.

Signs to alert your customers about impending tows, such as “tow away zone” signs, are commonly provided by the towing company you partner with, too. Any companies you look seriously at working with should be able to provide signs to you. Beyond informing your customers, these signs often have contact information for the company should anyone find their car missing and need to find out if it was towed.

Fortunately for you, ASAP Towing has fast response times, free signs for your property and a Property Manager FAQ to help you make an informed decision on whether or not we meet your needs. Call us today at 904-771-7111 so we can answer your questions and help you manage your towing needs.

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