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How Much Should Towing Cost?

Emergency roadside assistance does not mean it comes free like other emergency services since it is not something a city or county provides. There is, unfortunately, a cost of doing business.

So how can you tell if a towing price you’re being presented is fair and accurate? It’s an equation with a lot of variables, so that means a lot of fluctuation in price. Two people calling for two different tows to the same company can often result in two different prices. Let’s take a look at the part of the equation that makes up your total cost:

Service and Labor

Service and labor are two common parts found in the equation of any quote for a towing service. They’re found in every price because they’re essential to the towing process. Making a service call is always the prerequisite for a tow. Once you’ve made the call and a tow truck is dispatched to your position, you have your cost of labor. Someone from the towing company you called has to drive the truck, hook up your car and file the paper work. It’s just an unavoidable fee for the towing company to operate.

Vehicle Type

The type of vehicle you’re having towed also factors into the total cost of your tow for a few different reasons:

  1. Different response vehicles
  2. Weight adjustments
  3. Liability

Towing a car requires a different response vehicle than towing a motorcycle. This means a towing company must operate a fleet of vehicles in order to provide the best solution to your towing needs.

The weight of your vehicle will also determine the towing cost. The heavier your car, the more fuel it’ll take from the towing vehicle to generate the torque required to move your vehicle. This, along with distance, factors into the cost for your journey.

Insurance liability is something any licensed towing company should offer and provide for their customers. More importantly, as a customer you want to make sure you’re dealing only with licensed companies so that your car is safe and secure.

Other Factors

Those are just a few of the majors that play into the final cost of your tow, but there are several other variables that determine your total price. When you’re evaluating a towing bill, remember that they have to include charges such as:

  • Distance of tow
  • Your precise location
  • Service needed
  • Time of call

Understanding how the distance of your tow plays into your final cost is easily comprehended; the longer your vehicle must be towed, the more it’s going to cost you. Other variables, such as the service you need, are a little harder to judge. The cost of having an auto locksmith sent to you is not common knowledge, so knowing how much to expect for their service is a little hazy. Looking into these service estimates before you actually need their help is always a wise idea.

Motorcycle Towing

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