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Moving Your Car And Belongings? Here Are Your Options:

When you’re moving your car, belongings or anything else across a great distance, you have a few options. Do you hire a professional moving truck, rent a smaller vehicle you drive yourself or just use a trailer attached via a hitch?

Though the options are many, the solution is relatively easy to figure out based on a few factors. Are you looking for the cheapest option, or are you interested in the best protection for your vehicle and goods?

Hiring A Professional

Let’s assume you’re moving from state to state. You have a car you’re taking with you and an apartment-sized amount of furniture and goods.

Hiring a professional mover has the benefit of less work for you. Want to skip packing boxes and loading a truck? This is the way to go. If you have the money, this is the easiest way to move your belongings.

When it comes to moving your vehicle, most moving companies have extremely strict rules on moving it via a semi-truck. To load your car, you have to drain your gas tank completely before loading it to prevent any kind of fiery mishaps that might occur. That can be troublesome for a diesel, which requires you to bleed the system if the fuel runs dry (a lengthy and annoying process).

Renting A Truck

Renting a truck or moving van, such as the popular U-Haul rentals, is certainly an option for most anyone. It’s more affordable than hiring a full moving company in exchange for a little more work from you.

In terms of moving your vehicle, there is a slight problem. If you have rented a truck, you cannot drive both at one time. You’ll need a friend or family member to follow you along driving your car. But, that does present a choice you have to make:

When it comes to driving your car long distance, ask yourself if your car can take the stress. An 800-mile journey can take a toll on your car, and you need to account for the wear and tear it’ll cause on your tires, brakes, oil and other car parts.

If your car can’t handle the stress, especially if it’s already high in miles, hiring a tow truck to move your car locally or nationally is the better option to preserve your car. If you can’t do that, there is another option…

Hitching A Trailer

Renting a trailer allows you to move your own items attached to your own car. It’s a little less room than renting an entire truck for yourself, but you can attach it to your own car and move everything together at once.

Learn more about which hitch you need from our previous article.

If you want the best of both worlds, you could get a 2-wheel trailer and attach it to a rental truck so you can tow your car behind it. Of course, this does present the same problem of still causing wear and tear on your car by dragging it along. Also, not all cars can be towed like this, so be sure to check your vehicle’s manual for more information.

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