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Motorcycle Towing Mistakes

While we’ve taken a look at towing motorcycles before, that article mostly covered different trailers and cradles designed to hold your motorcycle. Now, we want to take a look at some of the mistakes you can make while using one of those devices.

With the unique shape and weight distribution of a motorcycle, you should realize that towing one of them has special needs that you don’t face towing a regular car or vehicle. Consider this another checklist you should keep handy in addition to the normal one you have for towing a car.

Use the Right Motorcycle Towing Equipment

Take a look at our other article on motorcycle towing and you’ll see just a few of the many options you have to tow a motorcycle. Cradles, for instance, lock one wheel up and leave the other riding on the pavement. Flatbed trailers are more conventional and completely remove your motorcycle from the street while being towed.

Some engines and transmissions aren’t designed to have the wheels move while the engine is off, so make sure before you set out that you know what your motorcycle was designed for. If your motorcycle needs to be off the street and stay still while being towed, go with a flatbed or similar trailer design.

Strap Your Motorcycle Down Before You Tow

Since motorcycles aren’t designed to stand up-right on their own, they need special straps to keep them in place. A typical road causes a fair amount of vibration to rattle the contents of any vehicle moving at high speed, and trailers are especially susceptible to this shaking, so strong straps are required.

Depending on your motorcycle frame and design, your straps might go in a few different places. The general idea is to strap the handlebars to an area near the front tire while the rear tire is secured with a strap near the seat. Make sure to take up the slack in your straps and tighten the front straps evenly until the front suspension bottom outs, or prevents motion.

Make Some Room

Despite your best efforts, your motorcycle is still probably going to shift around during your journey. In a tightly packed enclosure, this bouncing around can cause some body damage to the motorcycle and damage whatever it hits in your trailer.

To help prevent this, make sure your motorcycle has ample room for natural movement. Ideally, you want to make sure that the motorcycle has room about six inches past your handlebars. That should give your motorcycle room to move around and not bump into anything. Leaving a similar amount of space at the front and rear of the motorcycle is a smart plan, too. Making sure your straps are on correctly and tightly as aforementioned will also help keep your bike under control while being towed.

Of course, having a professional tow your motorcycle is probably the easiest and safest way to move your vehicle. Call ASAP Towing so we can get your motorcycle towed to where it needs to be today.

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