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Licensed Towing vs Unlicensed Towing

There’s a good chance that if you’re presented with two options, you’re going to pick the easier of the two. The path of least resistance is the path often taken by people. It’s for a good reason, too. Life is often times hard enough and expensive enough to make cutting corners always seem like the better option. If one decision can save you a headache or some money, you’re probably going to pick that option.

The easier option often comes with complications further down the road, though. Surely you’ve heard the phrase “you get what you pay for,” and it is especially true when presented with two options. With a higher price comes greater quality and ease of mind for you, the consumer.

This applies to most choices you make when it comes to purchasing an item or service, and it especially applies to towing vehicles.  Unlicensed towing companies are often cheaper with lower rates than unlicensed towing, but it comes with a lower quality of service and care for your vehicle.

You Get What You Pay For

When it comes towing, a license means credibility. A license means a towing company has proved to be competent in their business, and they have been certified in their knowledge and expertise. Unlicensed towing companies are not held to the same standards and don’t have to pay the training fees and upkeep that their licensed counterparts do. These lack of fees and expenses is how they’re able to offer such a low cost of service.

So what are you getting when you save some bucks on hiring an unlicensed towing company?

It’s Not What You’re Getting, It’s What You’re Not Getting

You can assume that the driver sent to you hasn’t been properly trained to handle your vehicle. The mishandling of your vehicle can lead to severe problems due to a bad tow.

Towing of your car requires chains and machinery to be properly aligned and in the right spot to move your vehicle without causing harm. You can’t just attach chains to a car in any spot to move it. The mishandling of your car can mean serious harm to your car both internally and externally. Chains can tear up the body of your car, while a bad tow can force your car’s engine to grind in an unintended, harmful way.

So not only can you expect the driver and operator of a towing vehicle to be untrained in an unlicensed company, but you should question the quality and maintenance of the towing vehicle itself. Those massive vehicles require regular upkeep to keep their machinery in prime condition. If a company is cutting corners on licenses, who’s to say they’re not cutting corners on maintenance, too?

So, when it comes to choosing between a licensed and unlicensed towing company, you can save some bucks and use the cheaper service now, but it will cost you more down the road.

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