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Keys to Choosing a Reputable Towing Company

We’ve all heard the horror stories of towing scams involving huge fees befalling an unsuspecting victim: the ol’ “blind-sign,” for example, where they talk you into quickly signing an agreement saying they can charge you however much they want.

Knowing which towing companies have a good reputation and positive customer reviews will greatly reduce your stress in an accident. Instead of piling on the feeling of unease not knowing what to do with your wrecked car, if you’re in an accident you’ll have a trusted towing company to call.

Every towing company will tell you they’re a reputable company, though, so how do you determine who truly has an honest business? At the end of the day, like so many other aspects of life, it requires a certain amount of trust. You’ll never know how a company will perform until you call upon them, but we have a few tips to weed out the liars and scammers from the trustworthy towers out there.

Look for Good Customer Reviews

A good towing business will have no problem telling you about their clients. They know that word-of-mouth from other customers is much more likely to bring them more customers than any other advertising, so they want their past customers to talk!

Reputable towing companies should display customer reviews online or provide you with a reference to their services and abilities. If you notice a business doesn’t mention their customers or is unable to prove to you that other customers have had a positive experience, they’re probably trying to keep bad press silent. Always verify what a company tells you someone that’s previously worked with them!

Contracts with businesses are another way to determine reputable companies from bad ones. Since a lot of businesses and city centers have towing services on-call for quick towing, you can trust the companies they work with. A contract for continual service from one contract is one of the best reviews out there. For example, ASAP Towing is the official towing company of the Jacksonville Jaguars. An organization as large and as well funded as that could choose anyone, but they chose us, which speaks volumes about our company. Go Jags!

Only Work with Licensed and Insured Towing Companies

Another way to ensure you get the best service possible is to make sure the towing company you call is licensed and insured. Having those little pieces of paper may not seem like much, but it means they’re willing to standby you and their services if anything happens. You can also be sure they know what they’re doing if they have the proper certification.

Lastly, trust your instincts. If a company seems shady, don’t hesitate to hang up and find another. And, if you’re ever stuck in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, your instincts should tell you to call us for any towing needs.

Put your towing in good hands

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