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Important Towing Laws For Jacksonville, Part 3

Getting out of a parking ticket in Jacksonville, FL can be tough but doable if you know the law! Join us in the final installment of our series on important towing laws for Duval County to make sure you know what you can and can’t do in the face of the law.

But why trust us? We’ve been in northeast Florida since 1995 and grown to provide towing service in Jacksonville all the way through southern St. Augustine. No one knows the rules like we do!

If you haven’t already, be sure to read up on part 1 and part 2 of this series to learn more about how the towing ordinance in Jacksonville can work for you, not against you.

Let’s Talk Money

You hear it in the news all the time: people get charged outrageous fees and prices for having their car towed in some horrible scam. But, did you know tow rates are actually included in Jacksonville’s towing ordinance?

That’s right, what a tow company can legally charge you for their services, even if you car was removed due to a parking violation, is lawfully set to a maximum rate. The only scaling costs is based on how far they might have to tow your car (which, if you remember from our previous articles, is set at a maximum of 10 miles from where the tow originates).

Section 804.1306—Establishment of Rates

If you want to read the entire Jacksonville towing ordinance, you can find it here on our website. But, here are the basics:

The tow rate is determined by vehicle classes and set to a maximum rate.

  • Class A vehicles: $91.73 plus $2.62 a mile
  • Class B vehicles: $104.83 plus $3.28 per mile
  • Class C vehicles: $375.00 with no mileage charges

Likewise, the maximum storage rate of vehicles is determined by their class. Impounded vehicles in Jacksonville cannot be charged for the first six hours of their storage, but after that the rates are as follows:

  • Class A vehicles: $19.65 a day
  • Class B vehicles: $26.20 a day
  • Class C vehicles: $32.76 for semi-tractors and $45.84 for semi-trailers per day

Which Vehicle Class Am I?

As you now know, the rates for impounded vehicles and their trip to storage is determined by vehicle class, but which class do you fall in?

If you’re a regular citizen, most likely your class is Class A. These are normal-sized cars, trucks and vans up to 10,000 pounds. Some of your bigger trucks and box cans fall into Class B, which is anything between 10,001 and 19,500 pounds. Finally for RVs, semi-trucks and the heavy-duty vehicles, there’s Class C which is any vehicle more than 19,500 pounds.

So now you know what class of car you have and the absolute maximum you can be charged in towing and storage fees in Jacksonville, Florida. With that information, you’ll never be overcharged in a towing scam again!

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