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Here’s How to Tow a Boat

If there’s one thing north Florida is famous for, it’s our oceans. With all that beautiful water, boats are almost as common on the cars, even on the road!

That’s right, boats have to get to the water somehow, so seeing them being towed or pulled with a trailer down the road is a common sight!

What’s it take to move boat? Let’s find out.

Getting To A Boat Ramp

Boat ramps are the most popular way of getting your privately owned vehicle in the water, but how do you get it there? And, more importantly, how do you get it in the water?

First, find your boat ramp. For Jacksonville residents, our City of Jacksonville website has a free boat ramp listing online!

With your destination in mind, how are you going to get your boat there? A professional marine towing service can more your vehicle to the destination, but that might not be enough. Your goal here is to actually get your boat in the water, and our tow trucks aren’t waterproof!

Almost any boat you buy should come with a trailer to at least get the vehicle in the water. Not every trailer that comes with your boat is road legal, but for slowly putting your boat in the water via a ramp you should be okay.

Road Legal Boat Trailers

So what makes a boat trailer legal to take on the street? Well, there are a few rules.

Florida law regarding boat trailers mandate that they have proper lighting, including turn signals and brake lights. Also, those tow trailers must be equipped with safety chains and tie-down straps. (Duh! Always secure your cargo!)

That’s not all! For trailers weighing more than 3,000 lbs., they must have brakes that work on all wheels. Don’t forget to get your trailers registered and titled, too!

Just don’t forget to check everything before you leave! Boat trailers generally have a manual winch attached to help pull the boat into place, but that winch isn’t enough to keep the boat secure. Make sure you secure your ship to its trailer properly with other chains and ropes.

Other Options

Now you’ll find a lot of companies like Sea Tow that will help your boat if it gets stuck in the water, but what about if your boat is still stuck on land?

Towing a boat is no problem, in fact boat trailering and towing is a common practice of ours. It falls under the category of specialty towing. Specialty towing is also what we call it when we tow aircraft, motorcycles and just about anything you might think of as an unusual tow.

Think you have a job that would require a little special attention? Contact ASAP Towing today at 904-771-2790 so we can help with your unique towing needs!

ASAP Towing has the tools and trucks for any job

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