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How to Recover an Impounded Car

Walking out to where you remember leaving your car but not finding it is one of the worst feelings in the world. If your car has been towed, it’s easy to feel lost and like you don’t know where to begin to get it back.

Recovering your car once it has been towed or impounded doesn’t have to be an intimidating process, but there are a few things you want to keep clear. Getting your car back as quickly and cheaply as possible is easy if you just remember a few key steps:

Locate Your Car

For some reason, someone has towed your car—but where? Finding out where your car has been taken is the first step to getting it back.

Depending on where you are, you can do this a few ways. In a major shopping center or public parking lot, there should be signs posted with the towing company in charge of the lot with contact information. If you’re anywhere else, you can call your local municipality and ask if they have record of your car.

Prepare to Pay

When you locate your car and contact the towing company holding it, be sure to ask about charges and fees. We’re trying to get out of this ordeal as cheaply as possible, so if it’s a daily fee you need to act fast. If they don’t have a daily fee, you have some breathing room.

While you also have them on the phone, be sure to ask about forms of payments. Some companies might require cash, cashier’s checks or plastic only. Find out ahead of showing up to the business so you come prepared.

Prove Your Identity

Releasing a car to someone is no simple process. To ensure correct ownership, you should expect to verify your identity in several ways.

VIN numbers, drivers’ licenses, proof of insurance, and license plate numbers are just some of the ways impound lots will identify drivers. What your lot requires might differ, so be sure to check with them on what you need to free your car.

After these easy steps, you’re at the most difficult part of the process: waiting. Unfortunately, these types of processes with lots of paperwork take a lot of time, and there’s no easy way to speed them up. Getting upset and angry with the company won’t help you, so just be polite and wait your turn like everyone else

Most of all, realize that having your car impounded is not the end of the world. While you might be confused, upset and angry, your property is safe and can be easily returned to you.

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