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How to Get Your Car Stuck Out of Sand

When you think of cars getting stuck in the environment, you think of them stuck in ditches, snow or mud. Here in Florida, especially at the beautiful beaches in St. Augustine and Jacksonville, we have another enemy to watch out for: sand.

Sand is everywhere in Florida, and it’s easy to get your car tires stuck in a sand dune. Especially at the beach with the changing tide, you can park your car, walk away and come back to find it up to the doors in sand and water.

So what can you do? There are not “sand tires’ like there are snow tires, and chains won’t help, so how can you get your car unstuck? (Besides calling us for a tow, that is!)

Dig Out The Tires

Your first step is to dig out the tires. If you don’t have a shovel, get ready to use your hands. You want to dig down until you can see the bottom of your tire, and you need to scoop out a trench in the direction you’re trying to drive out. If you have to reverse your car out, dig behind the tire. If you can drive it forward without landing in the water, dig in front of the tire.

Create Traction

Thin, smooth tires can be great for the road but terrible for getting out of a problem like this. Creating traction will help your tires drive forward on the loose surface instead of digging further into the ground. Creating traction can be done a few ways:

Let the air out of your tires to create a greater surface area. Now that you’ve dug the sand out around the tire, remove the caps from your tires and press the release to let about half of the air pressure out. If you’re using a tire gauge, around 18 psi should do it. With the air out, your tires will widen and have a better chance of driving on the sand.

Alternatively (or in addition to if you want to do your best), take the floor mats out of your car, flip them upside down so the rubber bottom is facing upwards and stick them under your tires to give it a better surface for traction. You can also do this other materials you might have on hand.

Start Your Engines

With your tires prepped and a clear surface to drive on, it’s time to hit the throttle! Hopefully you have someone there to help push while you press the gas. Countdown so they push while you press the gas pedal for maximum effect. And, I do mean press that pedal. Speed is required to get out of the sand, so floor it!

Don’t forget, if you’ve let the pressure out of your tires you need to fill them back up at a local gas station before driving too long. If you don’t, you could face serious damage to your tires or car.

ASAP Can Get Your Car Out Of Any Situation

Sand, snow, or mud, we’re experts at getting your vehicle out of safely and quickly.

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