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How Not To Tow A Motorcycle

I found these pictures online of a motorcycle being towed and instantly cringed. Can you see what’s wrong?

If you said something about the tow straps, you’re right! Take a look at those pictures and you’ll see an excellent example of what not to do when towing your dirt bike, motorcycle or other two-wheel vehicle. Let’s examine why.

Improper Tow Strap Placement

First, take a look at this picture in particular. What immediately jumps out are the tow straps around the forks, or the two large bars that connect the front wheel to the rest of the frame. The reason being is that those are easy to bend.

Bent forks mean misalignment, so your steering won’t have the impact you want. You’re more likely to spin out on a turn as your motorcycle under-steers or over-steers with a bad alignment.

Since the forks of a motorcycle are so easily bent, they are a bad spot for the high-tension tow straps. Remember, these straps are cranked and locked down to prevent any movement, so they are designed to tightly wrap around car parts. Delicate parts of the car and thin metals are easily damaged under stress, so in general they are bad places to put these straps.

In addition to putting tow straps on motorcycle forks, this picture shows tow straps on the side bars (also known as crash bars, engine guards or tip-over bars). Those bars are tubular pieces of metal that bolt onto the frame and attach to the motor, and they serve the purpose of protecting your leg, engine, paint and just about everything else that might scrape your motorcycle if you tip over or crash it.

The problem with placing towing motorcycles using the crash bars is that they’re rounded pieces of metal, meaning the tow strap has nothing secure to latch onto. During the course of a trip down a bumpy road, the strap can slowly begin to slide around on the angular side bar and lose all tension they had from their starting position. If that happens, they’re doing nothing to keep your bike upright!

Better Ways To Move Your Bike

If you’re using tow straps for a do-it yourself job, make sure to use the triple clamps (also known as the triple trees) as the anchor for your straps. The triple clamps are what hold the aforementioned fork in place and are much sturdier than the easily-bent motorcycle fork.

If you’re looking for roadside assistance for motorcycles, companies such as AAA offer excellent programs for members that cover locksmith services, limited towing and other needed services. It’s not cost-effective if you’re just looking for a one-time simple move, but if your main transportation is a motorcycle that you drive most every day, it can be worth it!

If you need something more local, don’t forget that ASAP Towing is experienced with every make and model of motorcycle and have six locations in the Jacksonville/St. Augustine area for quick response! Call us today and let’s discuss how we can help you.

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