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How Else to Get Free/Cheap Roadside Assistance

In a previous article, we discussed the Florida Road Rangers—a free service provided by the Florida Department of Transportation that responds to accidents along Florida highways. It’s a wonderful, helpful service provided at no cost to every motorist, but there’s one problem: it’s only in Florida.

How can an average motorist elsewhere find free or cheap towing services? There are actually a few ways, which we’ll be discussing this week.

Credit Card Benefits

You probably know your credit card has a points system or you might have signed up to get airline miles when you use it, but did you know that some cards include free roadside assistance?

American Express, for example, offers up to four roadside assistance service calls per year for its customers. Of course, like most things related to banks and credit cards there are some strings attached.

Programs like this often have a spending cap, something like $50, which can cover most tows but might leave you stuck with a minor bill if you need some heavy towing. These towing calls might also have a limit such as a 10-mile tow only.

While certainly not as comprehensible as an AAA membership, these programs will at least get you off the road and to a garage at relatively little cost. You might already have something like this, so contact your financial institution to find out more.

Cell Phone Companies

That’s right, the people you pay for wireless service include roadside assistance programs. AT&T’s roadside assistance service, for example, will cost most users $2.99 per month added directly to your cell phone bill and covers locksmith services, flat tires, gas delivery, towing and winching services.

Like most of the other options on this list, these programs are not as comprehensive as an auto club membership like AAA. Most discount towing services like these come with limits on the distance they’ll tow your car or the amount of times you can call on their services per month. But, they’re better than no coverage or no protection in emergencies at all.

Find The Plan That Fits You

We’ve covered just a few ways to find discount or free towing plans available to you today, but are they right for you? Like everything else in life you get what you pay for, so it might be cheaper in the long run to pay a little more monthly for the service you need.

Something important to ask is if the plan covers the car or the driver. A plan that covers you, not your car, is usable in any vehicle. This can be important if you have a family and want to set up a plan for your kid. They’ll be protected in any vehicle anywhere if you get a plan based on them, not their car.

If you want to discuss your roadside service needs and find the right plan for you, call ASAP Towing today at 904-771-0790 and let our experts help figure out what fits you best.

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