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Heavy Haul Services Explained

Beyond taxes, traffic rules and regulations are easily one of the most governed aspects of our life. To ensure safety for the average motorist, states enforce speed limits, weight restrictions and a whole lot more to keep you safe on the road.

So what happens when you need to bend the rules a little? It happens quite a lot in towing services when you have to haul something over the legal limit. Once you exceed that limit, you’re dealing with an oversize (or overweight) load. Oversized loads require special permits, extra fees and have limited access to routes as a consequence of their over-the-limit size.

Transporting an oversize load is commonly referred to as heavy hauling. Special trucks and trailers are designed with higher axel ratios axels, stronger bases and wider platforms just to accommodate this specific, oversized need.

More often than not, the truck hauling the oversized load must have a pilot car. Also known as a flag or escort car, it has signs and signals to alert drives about the above-average size.

So who needs heavy hauling?

When does your cargo become oversized? Like most road rules, it varies slightly in each state. For instance in Florida, any truck larger than the following requires a permit:

  • Maximium width of 102”
  • Maximum height of 13’6”
  • Maximum length of ~41’ (varies on vehicle model

Weight is also a factor, but varies so heavily on what you’re hauling that it’s easier just to say check with your local Department of Transportation to find out your limit.

So who really has cargo that big? A lot of professions require heavy hauling to move their oversized equipment across the country. With Jacksonville, FL being such a huge center of military activity, ASAP Towing has moved large equipment such as tanks, personnel carriers and water trucks for the military. A lot of shipments from the Jacksonville, FL shipyards need to be moved more inland, too.

What to look for in a heavy haul company

When it comes down to it, what your oversized load requires is really going to dictate the truck that moves it. You’ll either need a trailer or a certain dimension or a truck with a certain axle ratio to move its massive weight. Once you figure out what you need for the job, you’ll be able to limit your search by what company actually has the equipment you need. For example, ASAP Towing has a flat deck that fits 28’ up to 57’, so anything larger than that and we can’t help.

Heavy haul drivers should also be certified for such a job. They need to be able to handle your equipment and have access to where it needs to go. That’s why all ASAP drivers have TWIC and Jaxport credentials, as well as being certified by the Department of Transportation. We can do it all from pick-up, teardown and packing, including drayage and delivering to ports.

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