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Guide to Parking in Downtown Jacksonville, FL

We get a lot of calls about towing cars in Downtown Jacksonville. It seems that a lot of people don’t know the rules, so let’s take a minute to discuss parking and how you can prevent getting a ticket, or even worse, being towed.

Why is it hard to park in Downtown?

Well, the truth is that it’s not. According to Downtown’s website (http://www.downtownjacksonville.org/GettingAroundJacksonville/DowntownParking.aspx), there are over 43,000 public parking spaces. (While you’re on their site, there’s a map of all the parking spots if you want a visual). Those 43,000 spaces are split up amongst garages, metered spaces and other forms of mass parking.

Why do people have such a problem with parking downtown?

When you drive around looking for a spot in Downtown and don’t find anything, it’s disheartening; you get frustrated and disillusioned thinking that there aren’t any spots. The truth is there may not be any parking near you, but there is parking nearby. Cities are designed to do some walking, so you might have to park farther away from your destination than you’re used to.

When people start to get frustrated, they park where they’re not supposed to and get a ticket. Maybe you’re in a rush, maybe you’re just tired of looking, for whatever reason you just want to park your car and be on your way. We’ve all been there, and maybe you got away with it. Most times you’ll come back to find a ticket. Remember, if you’re not paying to park in downtown, you’re parking illegally. It’s as simple as that.

The Costs of Parking Downtown

Most public parking in Downtown does cost something during business hours (8 AM to 6 PM) on weekdays. At least that’s when the meters are enforced. You can find parking garages and lots that are a private service not governed by the city, so those lots have different rules and might charge a different rate.

Parking meters in Jacksonville are 25 cents for 30 minutes and range from 30 minute meters to four-hour long spots. Trying to micromanage keeping the meter full of change while spending time in Downtown can be frustrating, so finding a garage you pay a flat fee per month or week can make life easier.

The good news is that metered spaces are free every weekday evening after 6 PM and on weekends and holidays. Going to Downtown off peak hours can save you the money and the hassle of worrying.

Hopefully now you have a better idea of how parking in Downtown works. If you have any questions, give ASAP Towing a call and we’ll clear them right up.

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