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How Do You Get Rid of an Old Car?

Maybe it’s the oil continuously raining down from your engine, or maybe it’s just the funky smell that you can’t get out of the back seat no matter how hard you scrub. For whatever reason, you’ve decided it’s time for your car to go. But, how do you do it?

You can’t just leave it by the side of the road like your weekly trash pickup. Because of the parts, fluids, weight and a mess of other aspects, getting rid of a car is much more regulated than normal trash.

There’s some good news, though. You most likely don’t have to trash your car. The average citizen drives a car until they decide it’s time to sell with a simple formula: If the cost of repairing your car over the year is more expensive than car payments for a year, it’s time to get another car.

So, a lot of cars aren’t actually driven until they’re dead-dead, just undesirable. Luckily, there’s a few things you can do with some undesirable cars.

Trade In Your Car

Trading in your old car when you purchase a new or used vehicle is a great way to knock off a chunk of their asking price. Almost every car dealer has some sort of trade in program in place. The only downside for this is that the dealership gets to decide the trade in price for your car.

Donate Your Car

Local charities and churches love to get these big-ticket items for their charities because they’re not often donated. Since cars are easily worth thousands of dollars even in their worst form, donated cars aren’t common. Donating does mean you might lose money up front, but let’s not forget that a donation that big is worth a sizable tax deduction. You can still donate to make life better for someone else and get a little kick-back yourself down the road.

Here are a few resources in Jacksonville that will accept your donated car

Sell It in Pieces

If you have an older car yourself, older being anywhere from 5+ years old, you know that the majority of repairs mean finding older parts. Do you know where those parts come from? Old cars! You can sell your parts on Craigslist or to junk yards. After several years, some car parts are just discontinued from production meaning you have to find the parts already out there to use; there’s no more going to the shop to pick up another crucial car part.

In fact, sometimes it’s much more lucrative to sell your car in individual pieces rather than as a whole. Certain shops that specialize in hard to find car parts will pay good money to take your old vehicle, strip it of everything useful and sell the parts to those in need. Find a good salvage shop in your area to get started, or ask your local mechanic where he gets parts from and start there.

Selling a car in pieces is a great way to make money on an old car that not many know of, so check back soon when we’ll cover it more in depth. See you then!

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