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Finding A Credible Car Auction, Part 2

We’re taking a look at finding credible car auctions in a series of articles. To catch up, go back and read part 1.

As we discussed earlier, car auctions are a great way to buy your next used (and sometimes new!) car cheaper than you would get from a dealership. Despite this, car auctions are underused by people, so we’re helping you find a reputable car auction.

If you’re in Jacksonville or St. Augustine, Florida, save some time and check out the auctions we host each month!

We’re assuming you’ve gone online and found a list of different auctions in your area, probably searching “car auctions in (city).” Now it’s time to determine which ones are credible, quality auctions with a little due diligence.

In part one, we took a look at how the company handles money for their cars can help determine their validity. A simple phone call to the company ahead of time should tell you what kind of payments they accept, their payment policy and whether or not you should be worried.

Now let’s take a look at the cars themselves and what they can tell you about an auction.

The Cars

Where a car auction company gets it cars from can tell you a lot about the business hosting the event. For example, ASAP Towing’s car auction inventory ranges from abandoned and wrecked cars, repossessed vehicles for sale and police and private property impounds.

That might sound like a lot of different sources, but that’s really the beauty of the car auction. With a variety from so many different sources, car auctions have something for everyone.

If a car auction has police or government vehicles for sale, you can trust them to be a credible car dealer. Those types of vehicles are well maintained and only sold through reputable car auctioneers and dealers.

Abandoned and wrecked cars, at the other end of the spectrum, are not enough evidence to determine a car auction’s quality. That’s not to say an auction selling those cars is bad, it’s just not a definite sign of quality since anyone can sell those used cars.

Cars for sale at an auction should have their information available through the company before the auction so you can research VIN numbers and find the car history so you know exactly what you’re getting and where it came from. Hiding the VIN number of a car should be a red flag anywhere you try to buy a car as that could mean it was stolen.

For our car auctions, you can view a list of our inventory and find the vehicles’ VIN numbers online here.

If you have any other questions about our vehicle inventory or auctions, feel free to also give us a call at 904-771-0790.

ASAP Towing is a reputable Car Auction Service

We have many locations in North Florida for car auctions. Look on those pages to find out more info.

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