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What Exactly Does a Tow Truck Driver Do All Day?

Depending on the circumstances, tow truck drivers are loved or hated. If you’re illegally parked, they’re the last thing you want to see or hear, but if you’re in trouble, trapped on the side of the road with a flat tire or dead battery, they’re angels covered in grease and oil.

Despite how much they affect day-to-day life for us, not a lot of people know what tow truck drivers do, exactly. Do they roam the streets with their massive trucks, or do they sit in an office waiting for the call?

On the Road

While the simple answer is that tow truck drivers haul damaged, abandoned or illegally parked vehicles away from roads and parking lots, they end up doing a lot more. Just to haul, they must operate a specialized truck equipped with mechanisms and gears designed for the heavy lifting it takes to move two-ton cars. But, there is definitely more to it than just hauling.

Tow truck drivers are also mechanics capable of making minor repairs to a wide range of vehicles. That flat tire that ruined your road trip? They can fix it. Your car battery out of juice? They’ll get it flowing again. Torn belts or minor leaks are also something they can quickly fix to get you back on the road.

Responding to accidents to move totaled cars is also part of the job. After the cops and ambulances show up, our tow truck drivers in Jacksonville are on the scene to clear the road of debris and immobile cars to clear the way for traffic.

In the Office

Behind the scenes, drivers also do a lot of the clerical work involved in towing and reporting cars. Most drivers are employed by private towing companies which work with companies as a dedicated service. When they receive a call from the company about towing an illegally parked or abandoned car, they have to locate the car and file a report before they head out. Once there, the drivers have to work the cables and chains required to tow the heavy vehicles they work with.

When they return to their impound lot with the car, the real office work begins (if they don’t have another car they need to turn around and pick up). The driver has to research the vehicle, find the owners, and contact them about their impounded vehicle. If the vehicle is from an accident or wreck involving the police, they have to deliver the vehicle to their evidence lots or salvage yards.

Some things these drivers do, you just can’t put on paper as a duty. They put their life in the hands of other drivers as they walk on the shoulders of the road and hope they don’t get hit to get your car working again. Most of all, these drivers sacrifice a lot of time and energy to get you and your car moving again.

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