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What Else Can A Tow Truck Tow?

We all know that your average tow truck can handle a car or van without much trouble, but what else? Tow trucks are huge, monstrous machines with gasoline-fueled hearts ready to pump and fume until your vehicle gets moving again. Surely, they can do more than just your two-seater convertible.

Of course, a lot of variables go into a tow; while a tow truck can tow more than just a car, regular towing may not be the easiest. The condition, position and location of the vehicle being towed all factor into the job. It’s safe to say that pulling a car out of a ditch or lake is much easier than pulling a car that is simply on the side of the road.

Tow trucks also differ in size and towing capacity. Like screwdrivers, there are many different tools for all the different required jobs. Among a wide list, the more common varieties are:

  1. Boom trucks
  2. Hook and chain trucks
  3. Wheel-lift trucks
  4. Flatbed trucks

Flatbeds, for instance, come equipped with a bed that can be hydraulically positioned to ground level for a simple winch-pull to lift the car onto the truck. Flatbeds are great for cars on flat surfaces where its bed can lay level, but you’ll most likely need a boom truck or hook and chain truck to move a vehicle trapped in a ditch.

But once you find the right tool for the job…

If you can match up the right truck to the job it was designed for, a tow truck can move just about anything. These tow trucks were designed to do one thing, and it’s something they do extremely well.

Besides cars and other small vehicles, tow trucks can easily handle boats, trailers and giant RVs. Boats have to be towed across the country by land, and those massive RVs break down just like anything else. The same goes for semi-trucks. When those massive 16-wheelers break down, there’s a tow truck ready to move them.

But let’s get crazy. Tow trucks move giant jumbo-jets on a daily basis. Next time you’re at an airport, keep an eye out and you’ll see the little vehicle designed to move those behemoths. Want to get even bigger? Let’s not forget that space shuttles are towed to the launching pad from their hanger. Those shuttles weigh over 160,000 pounds!

The next time you’re wondering whether or not that tow truck you just called will actually be able to move your car, remember that tow trucks move much larger things every day. Always remember to be as descriptive with your situation when you call the dispatcher to ensure you get the right vehicle for the right job.

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