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Decisions: Should I Tow My Car?

It’s a question every automobile owner will have to consider in their lifetime: should I tow my car or drive it? The circumstances around the question might change, for example you might be moving from one state to another or just need to get your car to a mechanic, but the answer is always the same—it depends.

Unfortunately, it depends is about the best answer that can be given to this question when we’re dealing with hypotheticals. Whether you should tow your car or drive it to its intended destination truly depends on the context of your situation.

Let’s look at a few common examples of a situation you might find yourself in and what the appropriate course of action should be:

Broken Car Needs To Get To Mechanic

This one is all-too common. Something’s wrong with your car, such as a vibration in the pedals or clanging noise from the engine, and you need to get it checked out by your trusted mechanic. The only problem is that mechanic is a good 15 miles away from your house.

In a situation like this, towing your car is probably the safest plan of action. This is because further driving will most likely cause your problem to worsen and your car will suffer more damage. If your foot was broken, you wouldn’t keep walking on it, right? Give your engine a break when it’s having problems and have it towed to the shop.

Moving Long Distances

When considering moving, there are a lot of variables that might affect your decision. For the sake of our discussion, let’s examine three: age, needs and distance.

  • Age: How old is your car? While a new car is almost begging you to take it on long, scenic drives, an old car might not have that many more miles left in its lifetime. Would you want to spend the last 100 miles your car has in it on a moving trip? If your car is pushing 100,000+ miles, you should seriously consider a tow. Even 75,000 miles should make you think about it.
  • Needs: Do you need your car to move your belongings? If you’re not hiring a moving company to pack and ship your goods in their giant trucks, you might simply need your car to make the trip and carry your items.
  • Distance: If you’re only moving across town, towing your car shouldn’t be necessary. Sure, you might end up putting 100+ miles on your car in one day going back and forth, but the gas money might be cheaper than the tow and your car won’t be hurt in the process. If you’re moving a city over and already have U-Haul truck you’re using to move your belongings, a tow might make more sense.

You can see already how much thought goes into a decision like this. At the end of the day, you just have to think about what’s the best course of action for your specific needs.

If you still have questions or problems deciding, ASAP Towing is more than happy to discuss your needs and find a car transportation solutionDecisions that works best for you. Call us today at (904) 771-0790.

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