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Cheap Towing Company Scams

Cheap towing companies in Jacksonville FL can really sell themselves as cheap, but are you getting what you pay for with them? Your cheap tow can turn into a thousand-dollar venture very quickly if you sign up with the wrong people.

Cheap Towing Isn’t Always That Cheap

Maybe you’ve heard of bandit tow truck operators; they’re the opposite of the friendly, trustworthy tow truck drivers you normally experience. Instead of helping those in need, they find drivers in inconvenient positions and try to take advantage of the situation.

For instance, there is a towing scam designed around tricking those in car accidents. Bandit tow truck drivers will listen to police scanners for news of a crash and race to the scene of the accident. Their goal is to have the driver of the crashed car sign a release form authorizing the bandit driver to tow the vehicle before the police arrive. The bandit driver will try to trick you by saying “Sign here so we can get your car out of traffic,” or “We’ll talk price later.” A bandit driver might also insist they tow your vehicle to “their shop” or “their garage,” but an honest tow truck driver should be able to tow your car anywhere you tell them to go.

If the police arrive and order a tow before the driver says otherwise, the company that does the towing will receive a pretty standard fee. However, if the bandit driver has you sign a release, they’re free to charge you at higher rates. Remember to never sign anything without an invoice or estimate! If the police are involved in your car accident, let them make the towing arrangements.

Too Good to Be True

If someone approaches you with a cheap fix to your towing problems, it’s probably too good to be true. The good news is that unless you’ve left your car parked somewhere, no one can really tow your car without your permission. Almost all the cheap towing companies out there require you to first sign a waiver or release that gives them the ability to charge you higher fees down the road. This leaves you with one golden rule to follow when it comes to cheap towing…

Read Before You Sign

Anytime you sign a release to have your car towed, you should first see an invoice or towing estimate. That invoice or estimate should include mileage fees to a predetermined destination, labor fees per hour and any other charge you might face during your journey. If the driver can’t give you an idea of price before you give him your keys, he’s not one you should work with.

Reputable, honest cheap towing companies do exist, you just have to know who is telling the truth and who isn’t. Luckily for you, ASAP Towing is a cheap, trustworthy towing company available in Jacksonville, FL. Call us ahead of time to discuss our services so you have a trustworthy name to call when you’re in trouble down the road.

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