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Most Famous Cars Sold At Auction

As one of the best car auction companies in northeast Florida, we know what makes a car sell for a high value. There’s a combination of factors that will determine how much a car will sell for, such as maintenance

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Finding a Credible Car Auction, Part 3

We’re continuing our series on finding credible car auctions and how to differentiate the good ones from scams. Auction cars can be a great way to save big on new and used cars, but knowing where to go for the

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Finding A Credible Car Auction, Part 2

We’re taking a look at finding credible car auctions in a series of articles. To catch up, go back and read part 1. As we discussed earlier, car auctions are a great way to buy your next used (and sometimes

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Finding A Credible Car Auction, Part 1

We talk to people every day that are interested in buying cars at auction but just don’t know how to begin. Confusion on buying auction cars is to be understood since car auctions might be one of the least-exercised options

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Where Do Auction Cars Come From?

Every time ASAP Towing hosts a car auction, people ask where the cars we auction off come from. Maybe it’s just one of the common misconceptions people have about car auctions, or maybe it’s the poor reputation car auctions have.

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Auctions

If you’ve been poking around our blog, you’ve seen a couple of our past articles about car auctions. We’ve given you some advice on what to look for, tips on buying a car at an auction and a ton of

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