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Can Cheap Towing Be Good Towing?

When buying anything, if the deal seems too good to be true it almost always is. Towing is no different, and there are definitely some low cost towing companies in Jacksonville, FL that seem too good to be true. So, is cheap towing ever not a scam?

Quality towing at a decent price does exist, but for every one decent company there are ten more out that that would charge you hidden fees and rack up the bill. Recognizing a scam is the difference between a cheap towing scam and a good towing company is the best defense.

What To Know Before You Tow

If you remember one thing, remember to find out exactly what you’re paying for. Don’t sign anything without reading it, and talk with the tow driver about what kind of fees you might be facing. In a previous article we’ve discussed common fees, like a hook-up fee included in almost any tow, but some companies have fees they don’t tell you about.

For instance, some companies have a long-range mile charge. From the point of your car, they’ll tow you for 5 miles at a low rate; after those 5 miles, the rate shoots up. The driver will take you to a garage farther away if you leave the choice to him to rack up those miles and earn more on the tow.

You should also be wary of any tow truck that shows up at your stuck vehicle without you calling them. While drivers on the road do sometimes rescue stranded pedestrians, it’s best to be cautious. Known as bandit tow trucks, these drivers prey on unsuspecting victims in the hopes that they can get them to sign paperwork allowing them to charge lots of money while the driver is preoccupied with a crash or other issues.

Get A Price Beforehand

The easiest way to ensure there are no spikes in the bill you were expecting is to get an invoice or quote before the driver takes your car away. Once you determine the location where your car will be towed, any driver should be able to give you an estimate of what the tow will cost. Get it in writing so that he can’t surprise you with any charges at the end of your tow.

The only variable in this scenario might be time. If the towing company you’re working with measures time as a way to charge, for example it’s $25 per 30 minutes, then your quote might not be exactly right. Towing companies can do a lot of great things, but they still can’t predict traffic times.

Cheap, good towing does exist, but finding it means knowing how to protect yourself from scams. If you’re looking for towing in northeast Florida, ASAP Towing is a quality company that has your back. Call us to discuss how we charge for tows and get a quote today.

ASAP Towing is a quality towing company

Stay away from towing company scams that will try to rip you off. call a reputable towing company that’s been around.

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