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Monthly Archives: January 2015

When Is It Time To Sell Your Used Car?

Good things must come to an end, including a car you enjoy. No matter how much preventative care you put into it, your car will eventually kick the bucket. Every year your car survives is another year you don’t have

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Get to Know Your Car, Part 2

If you missed the first installment in the ‘Get to Know Your Car‘ series, we’re going to school to teach you some common car components. Why? Well, a car is a core tool we use every day; you should know

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Get to Know Your Car: Part 1

You’re at the shop with a broken car and a throbbing headache. You know the bill is going to be expensive judging by the steam pouring from underneath your hood, but you’re not sure why it costs $600 for a

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Car Not Starting? Try This First

That moment of dread when your car won’t start. Sure, you allow an extra five-ten minutes in your daily commute for traffic problems or breakfast stops, but you never allot extra time for car problems. It’s just so seemingly random,

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