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Monthly Archives: November 2014

Long Distance vs. Short Distance Towing

To put it simply, towing something 5 miles versus 500 miles requires a different approach. In a short tow, you can get away with a lot more because there is less risk of something going wrong. However, with every creeping

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Frequently Asked Questions About Car Auctions

If you’ve been poking around our blog, you’ve seen a couple of our past articles about car auctions. We’ve given you some advice on what to look for, tips on buying a car at an auction and a ton of

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What Makes a Used Car Sell? Part 2

In another article about used car sales, we talked about how you can help increase the value on your car when you’re trading it in or selling it directly to a buyer. When it comes down to calculating the price for

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What Makes a Used Car Sell?

Selling a car, new or used, might seem like a guessing game to you. For instance, how do you know at what price to sell your used car? Or, how does the car salesman know how much to offer you

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Junk Cars Are No Problem

A car is one of the few appliances we use daily with which we develop a strong bond. People go so far as to name their cars, uniquely decorate them and customize them to reflect who they are as a

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